Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Q&A

Today’s question comes from Sarah H.:

I would like to know why romance is never written in first person POV with the exceptions of The Outlander series and The Twilight series.

First person stories are an interesting breed as the interest in them is really about 50-50.  Some readers enjoy them and others don’t.

For those that do, there are quite a lot out there and I asked a few of my friends and fellow editors for some titles:

The Wild Rose Press has a number including Reindeer Games, and Forever Freed is said to be a phenomenal award-winning TWRP book in first person male POV. 

On Dublin Street and Bared to You are apparently on the NYT Bestseller list, and here are two links to Amazon and Goodreads that you can check out:


Thank you again to Sarah for her question today.  She will receive a thank you envelope with a pen, bookmark and other fun stuff from myself and authors I have worked with. 

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  1. First person seems to work well in YA. I just sold one to a new line and can't imagine it being written in any other POV. Thanks for the interesting post.

  2. There's one thing that bothered me about first person. I was reading a book and an unknown character was mentioned in a conversation and it took me a minute to figure out that name was the "I."

  3. That's a good point Ilona. As the main character is the speaking character, it is important to get their name known early on and without referring to themselves in the third person. So yes, when it pops in later in the book, there is that moment the reader is pulled out of the story to make the connection.